Collection and processing of ecological data
Information management and visualization
Storage and export of data
Analysis, aggregation, forecasting and modelling
The platform
The platform is intended for creating digital services of continuous automated monitoring and exchange of the data of objective environmental control of emissions, discharges, air and water quality for settlements and industrial enterprises

Application areas
Integrated monitoring of emissions and discharges, control of pollution within sanitary protection zones and industrial sites.
Emissions into the atmospheric air in settlements, analytical monitoring of air and water bodies in settlements.
Online monitoring and control of the indoor air and microclimate quality
Modelling and R&D

R&D is performed in collaboration with the Russian Foundation for the Promotion of Innovation, Innovative Fund Skolkovo, national research universities Perm State University and Higher School of Economics (Centre for Cyber Physical Systems)

Integration and engineering, design, software services, packaged supplies in collaboration with ERBA-ECO.

Identification of the emissions and discharges source
Management and control
3D Modelling
Pollutant cloud spread
About us
Since 2009 our team has been working on the technologies of continuous environmental improvement and ecological safety, RTD in the area of environmental digitalization and eco-technologies implementation
Foundations support
We are a resident of Innovative Fund Skolkovo, a grantee of the Russian Foundation for the Promotion of Innovation, a regular member of Technical Working Group 22.1 at Minpromtorg (Ministry for Industry and Trade)
Consortium & Implementation
At present we are working with large industrial enterprises for industrial approval and further development of the platform. Every adaptation comprises license price, integration and full support.
Our team includes 2 Professors, a Doctor of Engineering Science, 3 Candidates of Technical Science, 15 programmers of various specializations, 7 engineers and designers for environmental monitoring systems
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124482, Moscow, Zelenograd, Savelkinsky proezd 4
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